Terms & Conditions

Agreement to Terms & Conditions

This document serves as a binding agreement between the property owner, hereby identified as “The Client”, and Poolcat Products & Service, Inc. and its agents, owners, employees and subcontractors, hereby identified as “ The Company”, for the execution of services in exchange for payment for residential and commercial pool services.


The Client agrees to allow Poolcat Products & Service on the property for the purposes of pool services. The Client understands that there is no set timeframe for the completion of services and several visits to the property may be required. Poolcat Products & Service also has the permission to visit the property with little or no notice to assess service needs prior to the date of service, as well as to check completion after services have been rendered.

The Client agrees to allow The Company to utilize their residential water source via outdoor access, which will be turned on and easily accessible on the date of service.

Acknowledgement of Risks and releases of Liability

Poolcat Products & Service technicians are certified pool operators and are well trained in utilizing their equipment and take the utmost precautions in making sure The Company does not cause harm to your investment. It is the responsibility of The Client to ensure their pool property has been maintained in accordance with its manufacturer’s recommendations and any known defects or areas of concern are presented to The Company prior to the date of service. On the date of service, the lead technician from Poolcat Products & Service assigned to the job will assess the condition of the area to ensure alignment with the conditions reported by The Client. (This excludes routine maintenance and cleanings). If new damage is found, The Company will cease all repair efforts until The Client can see the damage and acknowledge its existence.

Client Responsibility on The Day of Service:

  • Please have water source activated and available.
  • Please have pool gate unlocked or a code provided for undelayed access.
  • Please inform The Company of any chemicals you have added in the previous 48 hours.
  • Please have all pets inside.
  • Clear all toys, floats and items from the area to be worked on.
  • Provide clear access to your pool’s pump, filter and heater.


  • There is a $50.00 cancellation fee if notice is not given within 24 hours of service day or if The Company arrives and cannot complete job due to steps 1-5 of The Client responsibility not being completed.
  • The Company is not responsible for: Pets leaving the yard, monitoring persons under the age of 18, gas lines, or electrical panels. 
  • This agreement to provide service is in no way a guarantee that other issues will not arise for unrelated service needed to your pool.
  • The Company does strive for 100% customer satisfaction, and will work with The Client when this does not occur.
  • Notify The Company if there are any: Specific parking areas, additional contractors on site, or outdoor maintenance that will affect pool care. 

Media Release

The Client agrees to allow The Company to utilize any photos, descriptions, reviews, quotes, or videos of the pool and/or the client in the context of marketing or advertising for The Company. The Company will use these items described in this section without any compensation to The Client. The Client agrees not to seek punitive action in a civil court of law regarding the development, display, reproduction, or printing of the above examples of media. This does include the use of photos, addresses, testimonials and videos posted or displayed on online venues such as social media and The Company’s website. The Client also agrees to allow The Company to display a marketing sign on their property for no more than one week, while The Company is performing the job. Any damage to this sign will be charged to The Client at full retail cost.

Corrections of Damages

Poolcat Products & Service shall only be obligated under this Contract for damages which are a direct result of operator error, gross negligence, or willful misconduct. Damages must be discovered and reported within 3 calendar days of said completion. Upon receipt of written notice The Company shall be allowed 30 calendar days from date of receipt for the purpose of inspecting the premises. Poolcat Products & Service shall have sole option of repairing or contracting repair work to correcting any damages that are a direct result of The Company.

Payment Terms

Payment will be invoiced and due at the completion of the service for any cleanings, maintenance or small repairs. For installations: a non-refundable deposit for the liner is to be paid in full before the date the order is placed. The remaining balance for installation is due at the end of the first day’s work unless alternate arrangements have been made and initialed on the service agreement.

Collection of Outstanding Debt

Poolcat Products & Service reserves the right to attach a mechanic’s lien against a homeowner’s property for non-payment. At 60 days past due, a formal notice of intent to file this lien will be sent via registered mail. Interest rate of 1.5% per month begins accruing after day 61 of non payment. Poolcat Products & Service reserves the right to use a third-party collections agency to collect outstanding debt. Poolcat Products & Service also reserves the right to enter into a civil claims court for collecting outstanding debt. All legal fees incurred will be added to the remaining unpaid balance. This contract is binding.

Pricing and Availability

Any pricing information listed on this site is subject to change without notice. Due to supply chain issues, chemical prices are in high demand and prices are fluctuating constantly. Prices outlined in an estimate will be honored by Poolcat Products & Services for 30 days.

Agreement to Terms

By accepting an estimate, The Client agrees that all the specifications and conditions are satisfactory and hereby accepted. You authorize Poolcat Products & Service to do the work as specified on the estimate form. You, The Client, release Poolcat Products & Service from property damage unless damage is caused by gross negligence or willful misconduct. Poolcat Products & Service is not responsible for any material or chemicals provided by The Client and not purchased through The Company’s providers unless agreed upon in the signed estima