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Gold Package


Your Gold Package comes with 16 visits, but you can add up to 10 more!

Complete Pool Opening

  • Clean and remove winter cover
  • Place all drain plugs in equipment
  • Turn on Gas
  • Turn on Electrical at breaker
  • Install Ladders & Handrails
  • Turn on pump & heater plus any additional water features (Slides/deck jets) to make sure they run properly
  • Pool Vacuuming (20 minute max)
  • Add basic opening chemicals (included)
  • Full Balancing chemicals (Additional-billed monthly)

**Customer is responsible for raising water level to the middle of the skimmer.

Complete Pool Closing

  • Remove water below skimmer
  • Remove drain plugs from all equipment (and place in skimmer)
  • Position 7-way head to winterize
  • Shut off Gas
  • Shut off Electric at the breaker
  • Remove Ladders & Handrails
  • Install Winter Cover
  • Place all cleaning equipment, poles, handrails etc in clients storage area
  • Add basic winterizing chemicals
  • Full balancing chemicals (Additional-Monthly charge)

16 Weekly Premium Cleans

A Certified Technician will perform:

  • Equipment check
  • Vacuum entire pool by hand
  • Brush pool walls
  • Skim the surface
  • Clean auto vacuum if present
  • Complete chemical testing
  • Add in needed chemicals to keep the water not only clear but balanced and safe for all swimmers (Billed Monthly). Additional chemicals will be billed monthly.

FREE Emergency Priority Service within 48 hours ($300 Savings)

Includes: Pumps malfunctioning & major leak in PVC exposed plumbing lines

Early access scheduling
15% off pool toys and accessories: Pumps, heaters, auto vacuums, floats, life jackets, and so much more!

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